About Us


Jai Mata Di - We perform Mata Ki Chowki & Jagran under the guidance of Shri Raj Malik Ji. As a non professional group with basic objectives listed below.

  • To hold systematic Chowki / Jagran at minimum expenses by non-professional group.
  • To inspire the people to know the basics of Vaishno Panth.
  • To discourage cash offerings in Chowki/Jagran and worship with flowers only .
  • To demonstrate old time method of Chowki/Jagran.
  • To hold total free Chowki/Jagran for those who cannot afford any expenses at all which includes every thing starting from Pooja material up-to Prashad.

On 29th April, 1995 a Group called MAA VAISHNO SEWA MANDAL was formed with the support of Shri Thakur Dass Ji and blessing of Respected Deva Maa Ji. Originally Chowki were conducted on Tuesday and Jagran on Saturday. But as the demand increases and the waiting period of new booking exceed over one year. In the year 2002, it was decided to hold Chowki on all week days. Till now, Raj Malik along with his Mandal has organised more then 5,100 Chowkis / Jagrans.

MAA Vaishno Sewa Mandal who performs Mata Ki Chowki & Jagran under the guidance of Shri Raj Malik Ji with the blessings of Respected Shri Deva Maa Ji.